We at LKS are pleased to help our customers save wisely and get the best deals.

    Details of our savings scheme are as follows :
  • # Members can join in various groups ranging from Rs.500, Rs.1000, Rs.2000, Rs.5000 to Rs.10,000 (per month)
  • # The savings scheme duration will be 10 months.
  • # At the completion of 10 months, from the 11th month, members will be eligible to buy gold at the market rate.
  • # Under this savings scheme, members can purchase gold jewellery and gold coins.
  • # The rate of gold jewellery will be fixed every month after receiving the instalment.
  • # No wastage would be charged for jewellery ranging till 18%. If it is above 18% then the difference has to be paid.
  • # GST at 3% will be borne by the customer.
  • # There will be no cash refund any point.
  • # In case of a default in payment, the members can still avail benefits of the scheme but only after successfully completing 10 months of payment.
  • # In the case a member wants to discontinue he can do so and buy gold jewellery for the amount accrued but will not be eligible for any other benefit